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The MYWATT100 and MYWATT200/400 amplifiers are completely hand-built (made in Germany) boutique replicas of the legendary HIWATT DR103 DR201 and DR405 amplifiers made famous in the early 70's by Pete Townsend of the "Who" and David Gilmour of "Pink Floyd".

Insider Tip: Because of their extremely dynamic "clean" sound the amplifiers (especially the MYWATT100/200/400) is also ideal for bass guitar.

!! ABSOLUTELY NO EXPENSE WAS SPARED in materials or workmanship !!

  • Improved power supply. The preliminary stage runs at 12.6 VDC (hot) and the transformer is a high-quality "ring transformer" with plenty of reserve.
  • High-quality / high-fidelity, modern output transformer with a wide frequency range.
  • Separate BIAS measurement and adjustments for each of the four output (power) tubes are located externally on the (outside) back of the amplifier. What this means is that it is no longer necessary to bring your amplifier in for service when you buy new tubes to have the BIAS adjusted. Likewise, you no longer need to buy "matched" tubes. (Note: Even "matched" tubes change their BIAS over time and therein, can often lead to less-than-optimal sound). By being able to adjust the BIAS individually for each tube, you insure optimal sound quality all-the-time. Complete instructions are included
  • All construction is of the finest quality. As-an-example, only condensers blocks made from high-quality Polypropylene are used to preserve that famous clean sound of the original - legendary Hiwatts. Likewise, the pre-amp and power tubes are premier selected 4 x JJ ECC83 (12AX7) and 4 x EL34 tubes.
  • 2 x (parallel) speaker outputs with impedance adjustable between 4, 8 and 16 Ohms.
  • 4 x separate inputs - 2 x normal (high and low) and 2 x brilliant (high and low).
  • 1 x DI-Out XLR (for direct recording, PA systems, etc.)
  • All the MYWATT100 and MYWATT200/400 amplifiers are completely hand-wired in true turret board technique.
  • The MYWATT200 has 4 x KT88 power tubes. MYWATT400 6X KT88

The WEBER - MYWATT100 and MYWATT200/400 Amplifiers are true vintage amps hand built and without compromise. These amps are easy to service and are extremely long-life (heavy duty) and road worthy (ideal for stage and touring). Modifications (as desired) can be performed problem-free by skilled technical personnel.

The MYWATT100 and MYWATT200/400 amplifiers standout because of their extremely dynamic sound which is uncompressed and enormously loud (offering headroom without end). The distortion stages range from clean to strongly distorted, whereby the gain reserves depend strongly on the guitar being used. Starting at middle volume levels (which in the case of MYWATT100 is already above what most bands can tolerate) enormous pressure develops. Yet the sound remains immensely transparent and dynamic with softly played notes sounding soft and fragile and hard-pounded chords exploding linearly. Because of its' special middle tone characteristics, the basic sound possesses an immense ability to penetrate the "mix" while still remaining variable and retaining its' special character and voice which never irritate and is forever present allowing the tonal differences between various guitar and bass models to be clearly noticeable. Absolutely recommended is the combination of using external effects (e.g. pedals, distortion, etc.) which profit from the immense pressure (e.g. the ability to push sound waves through air) and also the incredible ability to penetrate the tonal "mix" enabling shimmering and singing leads (ala David Gilmour).