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MYWATT100 statment from Michael D'Antoni (Harmony Central USA)

The amplifier (Model: MYWATT100) was purchased new and bought in Nov. 2006. The 100 watt amplifier is handmade in Germany by Master Technician - Max Weber (Weber Amps). The MYWATT100 is a boutique clone of the original and legendary HIWATT DR103 which was made famous by Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend and significant others during the early 70's (see HIWATT DR103 in Harmony Central for more details on this classic amplifier). The MYWATT100 has two channels (bright and normal) with (low and high) inputs for each channel, e.g. (4) inputs 2 x 2 located on the left-hand side of the amplifier. Next to the (4) inputs connections are separate VOLUME knobs for each channel (1 x normal and 1 x bright). These are then followed (from the left to the right side) by knobs for BASS, TREBLE, MIDDLE, PRESENCE and MASTER VOLUME. These knobs are then followed by a RED POWER LIGHT, a STANDBY SWITCH and a MAINS (power) SWITCH. All knobs and inputs jacks, are clearly labeled on the front panel in large, bold - white letters on a black background (which makes for easy reading on a dark stage). This is just one of the many details of the amplifier which the builder and musician (Max Weber) has incorporated that show the experience which went into the design. On the back, there are actually THREE fuses (typical German over-engineering, but you've got to LOVE IT). By-the-way, the amp is GERMAN (TUV) APPROVED and for those that don't know it, this is the official German stamp of approval for insuring MAXIMAL safety. One of the GREATEST features of the MYWATT100 and WEBER (Germany) AMPS are the (4) separate BIAS measurement and adjustment controls located on the back of the amplifier. These controls allow for the individual measurement and adjustment of the BIAS for each tube without having to remove the back cover or go inside the amplifier. What this means is OPTIMAL tube performance (e.g. sound) without having to use matching tubes (e.g. since the BIAS is individually adjustable for each tube). Wow !!! Nice ... There are (2) parallel speaker outputs, a line out, and a three-way selector switch for impedance (4, 8, and 16 Ohms). The MYWATT100 amplifier is deeper in size than other amp heads. But it still sits safely on any Marshall 4x12 cabinet (as-an-example) with just a little overhang since it's just-a-bit deeper than the speaker cabinet. There are two handles on each side of the top of the amplifier with a large metal grill in the top-middle-center which allows the tubes to vent the exhaust heat. The MYWATT100 is handmade in Germany and it shows in the quality of workmanship. The amplifier feels solid and appears to be well built to last over many years and on the road. The amplifier is heavy, typical of any GOOD tube amp. But it's not as heavy as my 1988 Marshall 2550 Model or some of the old Mesa Boogie heads. So in that comparison, I find it actually lighter in weight. There is "no" effect loop (send or return) and any effects are applied via pre-amplifier, etc. // All said, the amplifier is SIMPLE and BASIC in its' features with nothing lacking, e.g. it has everything it needs to be fully functional in the hands of any musician.

The MYWATT100 may have two channels (bright and normal) with (low and high) inputs for each channel. However, the amplifier has one basic CLEAN sound with a variance in tone. The BRIGHT channel is indeed BRIGHT and has more middle and treble presence, e.g. it has more bite. The NORMAL channel (if heard after being in the BRIGHT channel) sounds to have more middle and bass presence, e.g. more punch. The low and high inputs on either channel (bright or normal) reduce or increase the power and therein, sound - depending on which input you're plugged in. You can cross cable the normal or bright channels so that you have more gain control using both the normal and bright volume knobs. Please note that cross-cabling the channels is not necessary to get a good sound. Plugging directly into the amplifier, there is beautiful > CLEAN, TONE, PRESENCE, and DYNAMICS immediately evident in the symbiosis between the guitar, amplifier and musician. Finally, an amplifier that lets you actually hear the true character of your guitar as-well-as your playing ability. Plugging into a pre-amp (Rocktron Voodoo Valve Online) and then directly into the NORMAL channel in the (High) input it took me about ten seconds to adjust the tone and presence knobs to find about the SWEETEST sound I've ever heard from an amplifier in my (42) years of life. Wow !!! To explain, tone is something very personal between people. The MYWATT100 was able to express my sound with tonal authority and power like rolling thunder heard moving through a mountain valley. Simple power chords played to a heavy beat sounded so incredibly RICH and DEEP in their TEXTURE that I just got lost in the EMOTION of the RHYTHM. Wow (again) !! I had goose bumps and there was a chill up my spine as I spread my legs wide, lowered my head and pounded out one heavy riff after the other as I could literally FEEL the RICH TONE (like so many of my favorite rock-n-roll bands from years past). Playing lead guitar was exactly the same ... The DYNAMICS and RICHNESS of tone jump out of the mix like nuggets of gold with bee wings that drop honey like perfect pearls just like Jimmy or Eric. Huh? Let me just say this, it'll blow your mind like Linda Lovelace in "Debbie Does Dallas". Please do not take my words when I talk about the amazing tonal sound and presence of the MYWATT100 ... Go to the HIWATT DR103 details and you'll hear other people say the same things in a different way. This is the BEST sounding amplifier I have ever played !! It now beats my 1988 Marshall Model 2550 (Serial Number 000067) as a better sounding and more dynamic amplifier. Tons of headroom (power) and the TONE is just awesome !! It's the perfectly biased tubes and the handmade craftsmanship which accurately capture the original sound of the HIWATT DR103 so beautifully.

The MYWATT100 appears to be quality built and road worthy. The design is simple and functional without added complexity. Since the amplifier is a handmade, boutique clone of the legendary Hiwatt DR103 which was one of the most robust and best built amplifiers ... I would expect the amplifier to last a lifetime.

Speaking with Max Weber was an absolute pleasure. I was honored that he took the time to speak with me personally. He answered all my questions and personally hand-signed the amplifier. In my conversation with Max, he (literally) stands behind his products. This is a superior, hand-built amplifier made in Germany by a master technician. I believe that and it shows in every way imaginable.

I tested the MYWATT100 amplifier with a handmade (single luthier) guitar which was master-built from Rick Gledura. The guitar uses Seymour Duncan Black-Back (humbucker) Pickups. I tested the amplifier with an all original 1988 Fender Stratocaster (U.S. built with the Wilkinson Roller Nut and Fender 50's Lace Sensor pickups) ... The MYWATT100 amplifier is the BEST sounding amplifier I have ever plugged into when used in combination with a good pre-amplifier or other effects. The MYWATT100 truly acts in perfect unison with the player and the guitar to musically express a soul. The TONE is just soooo SWEET that you actually feel the desire to play more and just close your eyes and let the music out of yourself. Higher volumes sound even sweeter because the tubes are pushed harder, e.g. hotter. I play the MYWATT100 using a Marshall 4x12 1982A Lead Cabinet. The presence (headroom) is amazing because the sound (and tone) stay consistent across the entire volume range. The tone controls are responsive and I was able to dial-in my PERFECT sound in minutes. This is the REAL DEAL ... Handmade in Germany and it's a boutique clone of the legendary HIWATT DR103 amplifier in every detail (especially the sound) with high-quality, modern components and improvements (like separate and external bias measurement and adjustments corresponding to each tube). People > I recommend the MYWATT100 as a potential investment (especially now when the price is amazingly right). Max Weber will be famous someday because playing through this amplifier is like having a conversation with God ... Only using your heart, guitar and amplifier instead.

Michael D`Antoni